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Take Two

While wrestling with my limited knowledge of WordPress to redesign my website I came across the option of including a Blog in my fresh new site. On a whim I added one, wrote a first post and then a day after the website was up I cringed and deleted it. I think I also came to the conclusion I would probably not have time to update it, and more importantly, I did start to wonder what on earth I was going to write about in it, and who (if anyone) might be interested in reading it.

A few weeks have have now passed since my 1 day-old blog was deleted and I have decided I wish to be a blog-less man no longer. So please be welcomed to take two of my blog. At the moment, the plan is that I’m going to use it to write about what I’ve been up to with my work, as well as a place where I can go into more depth on subjects that other social media platforms don’t lend themselves to. As for who might read it? I have absolutely no idea, but as some of my musical and artistic projects in the past have proved, I’m not going to let the issue of having no audience stop me. You’re reading it now, so that’s a good start. Welcome. – Mitch